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Destination Wedding Journal Destination Wedding Journal depicts a saga of love in a personalized form and as the pages are turned, a tale of what goes into making a wedding a grand yet personal affair is stored. Opening the jar of memories and living them each time a couple looks back at their wedding is what we truly believe in making a reality. A wedding journal is a must to have whether handled by a bridesmaid or the couple themselves and getting it without actually writing it is where we come! A handbook of the details from the airline arrangements to the exotic location for a wedding reception, everything is stored in this bundle of joy with an exuberant outlook and presentation.Luxury is a lifestyle that only a few understand and a blend of elegance and tasteful collection is what makes the journal sine qua non of wedding preparations.It's not just a journal, it’s an unswerving bridesmaid that is going to be there with the couple throughout.
The magazine takes its readers through a series of options and varied destinations with an exclusive insight with quality content to make their D day more special. Catering the needs and high demand of the clients to plan their weddings at exotic locations and family getaways, Destination Weddings Journal is a breakthrough from the basic itineraries.
A highly dynamic team comprising individuals having a deeper knowledge of the business and the theme of the brand, we plan to create an atmosphere where we outshine as a magazine known to be propagating the in-out of destination weddings to make weddings a spectacular and memorable ceremony for the couple as well as their loved ones.
A Deeper Insight;
Destination Wedding Journal For us, it’s not just a ceremony but a union of two souls in presence of their loved ones. And it is our responsibility to provide them with the most exuberant experience through Destination Wedding Journal.With an outlook to expand the wedding industry with uniqueness and innovation, the magazine is brought to life to mark the beginning of a platform like never before. From latest trends to classics, quirky to elegant, name it and the platter has it. A one stop shop for destination weddings at your doorstep! A journal depicting an easy yet powerful outlook, having it all.

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Destination weddings journal