Bridal makeup vs party makeup

September 10, 2023

5 reasons why Bridal Makeup is different from Regular and Party Makeup

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 From the basic styles that the brides prefer, to the overall look they want, everything is sustained at a whole other level in bridal makeup.

Let’s dive straight into what bridal and party makeup are and what the similarities and differences are including the application, advantages and costs behind them.

Bridal Makeup vs. Party Makeup

Bridal makeup is way more diverse and different than a Regular makeup look. It needs a whole lot of thought and standing power.

  1. Sustainability Differences

Bridal makeup usually needs to last longer than 12 hours, especially in India. This requires makeup that can stay on for so long without leaving you looking like a total havoc. However, we can compromise with the sustainability of a party makeup look considering the makeup products and our look need to be on for some hours only, serving its purpose.

  1. Customisation

While you can experiment with the types of makeup looks for party makeup, you cannot do the same for your bridal look. 

You need to thoroughly think about your makeup for your nuptials. Makeup artists generally sit with the bride and discuss looks, beauty regimes etc. and then decide on what goes best for you and your wedding outfit before finalising your final look.


  1. Pricing of Bridal and Party Makeup

Bridal makeup is a package of multiple things, it is only reasonable for it to be pricier than a party makeup look. 

P.S. If you have a MUA at home, you’ve saved all your expenses then. A  bit of practice to know what goes best with your wedding look is all you need.

Since bridal makeup is sustainable, it can be quite expensive, depending on the region you get your makeup done in or your MUA that tags along. It also depends on the living expenses in that area, products used in your skincare and makeup, number of trials,  pre-wedding skincare packages, and skills and portfolio of the artist. However, if you’re lucky, you might bag in some huge discounts and coupons for your glamorous makeover as they suffice.

  1. Products Used

For regular makeup, everyone goes for light skincare products and a bit of makeup with waterproof and smudge proof lipstick, kajal, and eyeliners.

When going for a bridal look, apart from daily skincare, brides need to have facials and other essentials(if needed) which they usually don’t prefer on a regular basis. 

Also, the products used for the final alluring look must be waterproof to have a defined look that lasts all day long on your wedding. You do not want dry flakes falling off or your base becoming cakey on your Big Day. 

  1. Bridal makeup is a Time Taking Affair

Your time invested in Bridal makeup is gratifying if your wedding look is exactly what you wanted, or even better. The pictures you will cherish for all your life look stunning with perfect makeup.

Trends have brought the “Feel Yourself- but better” bridal looks, still many, if not all brides want a quintessential and timeless look for their pheras, nikahs and wedding ceremonies. There is hardly any bride that wouldn't ask for a bridal red or bold colour lipstick for their wedding look. This is why a perfect bridal look is a must have for many. 

After all, the time it takes feels worth it when you see your final look.

That is it for this article. I hope you found this helpful in deciding and clarifying stuff that was bugging you.

Here are some FAQs that are searched considerable times on the internet. Enjoy them as a summary of this article.

Why is bridal makeup more expensive than party makeup?

Since a bridal makeup package provides facilities for multiple things, including skincare, makeup trials, and custom meetings to take care of everything, from your makeup style to what suits you and looks good on you, it is pricier than a party makeup look or a regular look that you go for. However, this might vary from region to region and on the facilities provided by your Makeup Artist.7

Which type of makeup is best for bridal affairs? 

While traditional makeup with brushes and palettes is here to stay, Bridal Makeup has new emerging trends of HD Makeup and Airbrush Makeup. 

The best makeup style depends on the makeup the bride wants. Depending on if they want a “Best version, but minimal makeup”, or a “timeless makeup”, MUA and brides choose what style and hacks would fit the bride.

What are the advantages of bridal makeup?

You get a unique, customised and timeless look. Period.

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