Bridal makeup without false eyelashes

September 5, 2023

Everything you need to know about Indian Bridal Eye Makeup!

While you’re still deciding on your wedding guest list, health and skin care prep starts haunting you. Quite soon it is your Makeup and Hair essentials. A healthy body and glowing face exude your feelings and happiness on your D-day. This is why brides put a lot of effort into their health, skin, makeup and hair. The perfect makeup look that matches your attire and your vibe is a must-have for your big day and related wedding festivities.

As you’re working on your wedding binder and getting your wedding sections done, you’ve probably realised that Makeup and Hair, like all other preparations, take a good sum of your time (unless you already have a dermatologist and MUA and hair specialists finalised) in planning and execution.

Let’s say you haven’t yet finalised your MUA but will get one soon, we suggest you have trial sessions to see which look works best for you and which one you love the most.

Or if you are thinking about doing your makeup yourself or have consultation sessions etc., depending on what your skills and budget are, you must finalise and PRACTISE your bridal look to avoid any erratic situation. Here are some looks every bride should know of before finalising her final look.

The Hype about Falsies and more on Bridal Eye Makeup

False Eyelashes are all in!

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Almost every MUA swears by a pair of false lashes while getting her bride ready for the glamorous bridal look. Many brides desire bridal makeup with false lashes as they last long, less harmful in the long run and are easy to use once you get a hold of it. But you still need to practise using them so they don’t fall off at the last moment or irritate your eyes.

Falsies or Fake Eyelashes have been makeup artists' favourites when it comes to eye makeup for a bride. False eyelashes have many variations including the half-eye extensions for a little volume around the corner of your eyes and full-length lashes,  and also provide a range of volume in lashes from bushy to sparingly there. 

If you love your lashes as they are, you can opt for bridal makeup without false lashes. A lash curler with some mascara can do its magic well. 

Brush your brows

Photo by ronan_mili via Instagram and Pinterest

Disha Parmar and Rahul Vaidya’s Mumbai wedding | Pinterest and Israni Photography.

Love this “Nothing, just Mascara” Look

If you dream of something natural and a “no-makeup” makeup look, a bit of pigmented mascara with some blush can get you your desired look for your nuptials. Pastel bridal couture in olive, pastel green, blue and pink effortlessly blend in with this look. Amaze your better half with the natural “You” look on your Big Day. 

Courtesy: Nikhita Kotru Photography 

Kohl and Kajal it or Smudge it!

Kohl’ed Look and the Lenses, Lashes and Smokey Vibes

If there’s one bridal eye makeup that reigns in India, it is this dramatic dark Kohl’ed eye makeup with neutral or dark and bright shades of lip colour to complement the overall look, depending on how you want it.

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Photo credits: Sahil -House of Beauty

It is Pink and Gold for the Wedding!

Rose Golds and shades of Pink are all in with Pastels becoming a new Red. Brides love a cheeky-rosy bridal look as it uplifts your face and brings out the best with strategic tints of pink, bronze and gold of blush and shadows. 

Get it Dewy!

A dewy look with minimal makeup gives you your regal statement look in your wedding functions when paired with some antique jewel parts. This look can be your solution to bridal makeup without false lashes.


Alt: Akriti Sachdev

Subtle nude - Matte or Vibrant for bridal makeup

Again, a bridal makeup without kajal and false eyelashes, his bridal makeup gives you the freedom of ditching the lashes and kajal for your bridal look. You can go with other alternatives to the traditional kajal like the pigmented eyelid pencils or a glimmer around your eyes for the perfect glow-up. 


Courtesy: Taylor and Porter

Bold Eyes and Understated Lips

This look effectively pops out all the beauty and makeup of your eyes.

If you’re thinking of a bold eye look with a twist of bronze and pastels that fixates everyone on the way your eyes and face, this can be your answer. It is best paired with the hues of your wedding dress to create an overall glamorous look.

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Alt: You by Poonam Kotecha 

Bridal Makeup - Ways to wing and slay your eyes with Eyeliner

Only Eyeliner for your Eyes

Eyeliner is your solution to bridal makeup without kajal and falsies. Although you can customise it as per your taste. Fuse it with hues of pastels to get that elegant and natural look. 

Alt: Akriti Sachdev | Instagram (@mesmereyesmakeup) 

Alt: You by Poonam Kotecha 

Summary of the article.

Brides often have different views on what their makeup look should look like. Some love flaunting their flashy makeup look and some prefer a subtle and natural look. Growing trends have seen a rise in the following bridal makeup looks as brides have come to embrace their natural look:

  1. bridal makeup without false lashes
  2. bridal makeup without eyeliner
  3. bridal makeup without kajal

On the contrary, this is not it. Traditional bridal makeup looks with loads of colours and glimmer is here to stay forever. Check out the bridal eye and overall makeup looks discussed in this article for more insights.

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