Custom bridal lenhga - Raise up the Cool Quotient (retreats and spa)

April 25, 2023

Designer Dolly J believes in deft Indian craftsmanship, rich vintage embroideries, handlooms, Chikankari, and many other homegrown techniques and styles. The designer gives some destination wedding tips for the season.

Modern India stands as one of the most diverse countries in the world. We embrace diversity, and that’s what makes us cool. The old exists with the new, and from glitzy malls to vibrant bazaars, we have it all- to entice the visitors, at any time of the year. In fashion, too, diversity plays a key role. While the lockdown brought kaftans back in fashion as work-from-home became the norm, the trend is likely to continue this year as well. Kaftan dresses are easily available in a range of fabrics, from silk and cotton to rayon, and in different lengths. For destination weddings, they may be worn at the beach, or even for a gala event at night.

‍Blurb: Just keep it light and vibrant. Even subtle pastel shades look great at destination weddings.

The fashion industry has evolved over the last few decades and now resort wear plays a vital role in the “ready to wear” genre. For instance, these days, kaftans are embraced as everyday dressing. Indian fashion designer, Masaba Gupta says, ”Resort wear is already evolving as more and more beach destinations are chosen for weddings. For me, texturing and fusion silhouettes are the two key elements in resort wear. One can play with prints and embroideries on an asymmetrical kaftan or one can wear a nice romper with a layered cape or jacket. Sheer fabrics may also be added. Beads, sequins, and even metal embroidery go very well when it comes to highlighting print or hand-painted wear.  Those who love Indian fabrics may even try vibrant Bandhani drapes with embellished tops”.Even at festivals, we can see people have shifted from traditional kurtas to styling all kinds of clothes that suit the occasion and also keep up the elegance.

The Evergreen Kaftan Clothing

While on a holiday or at a destination wedding, the trend is to go in for a versatile and chic wardrobe with reliable pieces that fit effortlessly and look cool. Designer-floaty-summer dresses with vibrant colours and fun patterns, beach wears, big hats, and kaftans can be a good choice for effortless styling. 

Designer Dolly J says: “The infallible kaftan is the best piece of clothing one should not forget to bring along at the resort. Slightly beaded would just amp up the glamour quotient. For the evening, the sensuous gown should help you keep it stylish and chic.” 

Whether the evening is a grand one with 50 guests or a small intimate one, nobody wants to miss the chance to look glamorous. Dressing up these days is no more to look presentable for the guests but for yourself, for you to look at the mirror and be able to say, “Wow!”.

The colour palettes are more subtle with a little touch of fun. People today prefer less glitter even for party wear because the idea of prioritizing comfort is most important. Moreover, kaftans suit most body types easily.

Modern Bridal Looks

Modern brides seek vibrant and calm looks rather than too much glitter. And designers are setting new benchmarks with the new cool: effortless and ever ready to glam up with accessories. 

Dolly J’s take on Bridal Looks

Dolly J suggests: “Keep it light and vibrant. Soothing pastels do wonders. And if you feel a bit more daring, opt for the serene ivory palette to make the whole experience surreal.”

Designer Dolly J Bridal Collection

Her newest collections by the name, “Scents of Summer SS” and “Meraki” have a different outlook towards the modern Bridal Look that she cheers for.

“This season, we present our couture collection titled Meraki, which translates to soulfulness. This idea blossoms into 45 carefully crafted bridal couture pieces, all celebrating the soulfulness of jazz as an art form along with its serenity,” says Dolly J.

Choosing the perfect bridal looks is a detailed process.

Decoding Masaba Gupta's Bridal Look

From couture to décor, we want it all magical. We plan for days and hunt for the best people who can take up the responsibilities for fulfilling our desires. When it comes to the Big Day, the expert’s advice is helpful.

Masaba Gupta says,” The outfit of the bride totally depends upon the destination. Is it a beach wedding or a royal palace wedding? For a destination such as Udaipur or Jaipur, one should opt for a royal look, timeless pieces, colours such as maroon, reds, golds, and emerald green, Resham embroidery, or Gota work with Dori. On the other hand, for a beach wedding, one may try a piece in organza with Resham, pearls, sequins, beads, and a veil in a net with some delicate embroidery.” 

Plain and unique look is also a growing trend, with brides preferring simple Banarsi fabric lehenga, On this Masaba shares, “If you want to look unique, then just wear a traditional Paithani or a Banarasi sari. Such sarees look gorgeous in that white and mud colour background. Either way, we always recommend light bridal for destination weddings.”

More about Dolly J and Masaba

Designer Dolly J Bridal Collection

The immense variety of bridal couture in the market can surely be overwhelming. You can get a custom bridal lehenga almost anywhere however some precision might not go your way. Well there’s an answer to it: When it comes to ready-made and custom bridal lehenga and rest of the bridal couture, designers like Anita Dogra, Dolly J and Masaba always stand out. See more of :

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