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September 11, 2023

How did this trend of sending e-invites catch on?

Keerthi Jeethuri:  Weddings in India have always been about grandeur and exceptionality. With so many unique cultures and customs around in the country, each wedding has its own style and the perception of weddings changes from region to region! Digital invites are the best way to bring in customisation. Moreover, Covid has transformed traditional weddings. Weddings have become more intimate, with fewer numbers. This change made couples come up with new ways of inviting people - and that’s how the digital invite trend started.

Rashida Fida: The post pandemic world has seen a huge shift to digital; earlier digital invites were used as a reminder a few days before the wedding so the concept of RSVP was also very vague in India before digital invites. With the pandemic and destination weddings, RSVPs became necessary. More couples are now choosing to add it to their invites and are more open to it. It is an effective way of measuring the number of guests and working out the logistics.

Has the traditional style of sending paper invites come to an end? 

Keerthi Jeethuri: I wouldn’t say people have stopped using paper invites completely. The elderly in the family still make sure they have a set of paper invites personally sent to their friends and family.

Rashida Fida: Destination weddings in India are now largely digital-driven. The use of paper invitations has been reduced to religious purposes and as keepsakes. There is also more scope for experimentation with digital invites.

Suggest some graphics and styles for Spring Weddings.

Keerthi Jeethuri:: Caricature invites are a huge trend these days! Digital invites are perceived as a small trailer to the couple’s wedding. So the couple, especially the brides make sure that elements from their decor, outfit or their love story are a part of the invite! Wedding invitations are not just a form of sending out a date and RSVP anymore, but have become a way for couples to tell their story to their friends and family. 

Rashida Fida: A lot of destination wedding couples choose to create custom illustrations of the destination into their design story. It becomes a keepsake for years to come. Some couples also incorporate their personality, their story, how they met, elements of their party theme to the design.

What are some new inspirations you are planning to incorporate? 

Keerthi Jeethuri:  2022 is looking like a great year for digital invites. There is still a long way to go in terms of client's understanding of how designed invites work. Our inspiration for wedding invites have been the couple and their story and this year we plan on improvising and narrating the same story in our invites.

Rashida Fida: Among our first projects this year was a destination wedding themed around “pomegranates, roses & parrots”.... We’ve seen couples starting to experiment a lot more this year. They’re moving away from traditional colour palettes and themes associated with Indian weddings and we’re all for it. We draw our inspiration from the couple - their story, personality and their chosen themes. 

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