Guide to Bohemian Style Proposal

May 1, 2023

Guide to Bohemian Style Proposal:

Are you ready to take the plunge of forever and tie the knot with the love of your life officially?

If yes then we have some great ideas for a warm-and-toasty-proposal. It would be wonderful to celebrate one more day each year. Pop your life altering question and then perhaps some champagne too. If your partner is free spirited and lively here is the perfect Bohemian style proposal guide for you.


The first and foremost step is planning. A proposal would be most of the most memorable and cherished memories of a person’s life. Your partner is going to remember every detail for decades to come. No pressure! We’re here to help. Start your proposal planning by thinking about her unique personality, her likes and dislikes etc. For instance, if your partner is more of an introvert who doesn’t like a ton of attention, a private place might be the best location for asking her to be your wife. Take her to her favorite restaurant or maybe to the place where it all started. Would she want her family and friends to be involved? Has she ever talked about her dream proposal? Consider all the special and personal attributes of your partner, and use them as a jumping off point. You must be aware of the places

she would want to go. So a proposal at her dream destination would add icing to the cake. If you are a good dancer or a singer a performance would surely make her heart melt. Think about all the things you feel are worth reminiscing about during the proposal, make a list of those. Just don’t forget to pack the engagement ring! In the end, whether you want to go big with a horse-drawn sleigh ride or keep it simple with candles and romantic music, planning the perfect proposal is about making the experience special and personal for the woman you are asking to be your wife.


Nothing is more special than planning an intimate proposal at a place that connects you both. But if she’s always dreamed of an over-the-top proposal, the engagement would be more fun for her if you did it in some dreamy place. Paris, the city of love would always be the perfect place to ask the love of your life to spend her forever with you. With the beautiful Eiffel Tower behind, it's surely going to be a cherished memory with stunning pictures. If you don’t have a huge budget after buying that stunning engagement ring, you can plan a day trip to the country or make a reservation at a restaurant she’s been dying to try. Ask her to marry you at a holiday lights event.

As the ball drops on New Year’s Eve, the place you first met or a cozy and intimate place setup ? There are so many places to propose this time of year, it’s giving us goosebumps.


If you want to do something out of the box, then you can do things that you are an expert at. If you are a good dancer, a flash mob with your friends would surely look spectacular. If you have a good voice, a song dedicated to the love of your life would surely shed some happy tears. If she is a person who has a nerve for adventure, a scavenger hunt would be exciting. Plan something that she would adore and would cherish forever. Then in the traditional way, that we all are obsessed with, get down on one knee and ask the love of your life that life altering question.

Remember that her Boho spirit is the reason that you love and adore her, so let it be your guiding light. Always keep in mind that she is going to love whatever you plan for her, as long as it comes from your heart.

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