May 30, 2023

One of the most comfortable footwear that can adorn almost every Indian look is a pair of Juttis. A good pair of Jutti is the essential secret of every Indian girl’s closet. Get these embellished pairs of flats from brands that vow to deliver them wherever you are and make them as comfortable as possible, and you have for yourself an efficient yet effervescent collection to get you through the wedding season.


“Traditional Juttis are known to be stiff and more than often leave a shoe-bite at the back if worn for a longer time. With that in mind, we worked to make a hyper wearable Jutti that is double-padded so it’s softer, comfortable to the sole, and most importantly, the back is tweaked so as not to leave a shoe bite,” says co-founder and creative director of Amaryllis, Shweta.  

Amaryllis is the brainchild of sisters Shweta and Pooja who live oceans apart. The creators at Amaryllis believe in handcraft. With Karigars being at the front and center of the brand’s soul, Amaryllis is creating Juttis that are handcrafted by local artisans, providing them with employment and improving their lives.The designs are inspired by regional embroidery styles, including Zardozi, Kashida, Phulkari and more. With their zesty collections filled with rainbow hues, you can find a footwear piece for every outfit. At Amaryllis, you will surely find designs that are bold and eye-catching, yet satisfactorily snug. Stalk them on Instagram @amaryllis_for_her

Another brand that is redefining the footwear game is Coral Haze. The brand was started with the aim to bring individuality and uniqueness that we find in clothing and jewellery, to your feet. With stunning, inimitable designs of shoes that are extensively researched to ensure the highest level of comfort, there is something here for everyone. Whether you are the queen of minimalistic beauty or a bedazzling darling, Coral Haze has something for you. “The beauty of Coral Haze is that you get amazing designs and comfort because we invest in the engineering of footwear as much as we invest in its design,” says Divvya Mallick Oberoi, Co-Founder and Creative Head of Coral Haze. The footwear is made with leather soles which get softer with usage. The brand trains karigars on best practices from across the world. Another feather in the cap for the brand is the effort they make to eliminate the middle-men ecosystem to ensure fair wages for karigars.

Find them on Instagram @coralhazeofficial 

NEEDLEDUST is an idea that emerged during the brand owner’s own wedding. Shirin Mann started NEEDLEDUST with the aim to minimise the gap in the market for good quality juttis with solid craftsmanship. Attuned with style and comfort, these juttis represent the perfect pairing of traditional footwear and contemporary elegance. “We are constantly working with our karigars, artisans and our teams to come up with new technologies and new ways to make sure we are on the same level, or above, the international footwear brands. We have been known not to compromise on comfort and quality and we’ve been told this by our customers too,” says Shirin.

With good quality, leather soled shoes blended with ornate designs, one is sure to get one's money’s worth. The local Indian karigars that create these beautiful juttis are brimming with sheer talent and hardwork. The platform helps to showcase their handicraft and promotes Local for Vocal. Check them out on instagram @NEEDLEDUST

All these footwear brands are well established platforms for local artisans, and guarantee to deliver comfortable yet stylish juttis.

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