Riddhi and Ujjval’s Unusual Proposal and Palatial Wedding at Diggi Palace, Jaipur.

February 21, 2019

Palace Wedding - At Diggi Palace Jaipur

The royal structures, with their explicit grandeur and beauty, are a dream wedding destination for many millennials around the world.

Jaipur, like any other royal destination, is an evergreen choice for couples as a destination for their regal wedding. With its varied heritage roots and spectacular monarchical architecture, it has been a host to several international weddings. 

When the coronavirus wave disrupted numerous wedding plans across the world, it couldn’t stop many love birds from having a marvellous wedding experience. Destination Wedding found more fame amidst Corona as people came to cherish the idea of a small yet grand wedding, celebrating their enchanting moments with their loved ones.

In Destination Weddings Journal’s second Issue, Together Forever, we have brought one such real regal wedding experience of Riddhi and Ujjval at The Hotel Diggi Palace, Jaipur.

Here’s a peek into our conversion with the bride, Riddhi Tiwari:

(P.S. If you enjoy this, don’t forget to read the whole interview in our 2nd issue of DWJ.)

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How did you two meet:

“We knew each other from college, we were really good friends.”

On their dating journey, Riddhi  told us,

“When we started working we were sent to Thailand for a year. That's when we actually started dating.”

Their relationship blossomed with all the love and affection towards each other but Corona had some other plans.

Yet, Riddhi had an unusual but beautiful wedding proposal experience.

“When we asked her about her awe moment, her proposal, she exclaimed :

Since we were in the middle of the pandemic, Ujjval did this elaborate setup at home where he ended up proposing in the guise of a prank!”

Though corona was an issue, the couple decided to get married. Their family and friend’s happy experience was also on their mind.

The very next hurdle was to find the perfect destination for their wedding, that could give the royal vibes, be safe and yet make the whole celebration a fun experience.

They finally decided on the 19th-century heritage property, The Diggi Palace, built by Shri Thakur Saheb Diggi Ji that was renovated in 1991. 

Upon their decision to choose the Diggi Palace as their wedding venue, she says,

“It was important to us that our families & friends could come and enjoy a week full of fun leaving behind all the stress & tension that accompanied the pandemic period. We both were in love with the idea of getting married at a heritage property, but at the same time, we wanted the travel to be easy and convenient (a distance that could be traversed by road) for everyone, especially our grandmoms. We must have checked out a lot of properties in different cities all around Rajasthan before we decided on The Diggi Palace, Jaipur.”

The functions :

“The first function on Day 1 was Mehendi, along with the Welcome Lunch. Since we had people travelling from different states we wanted them to see and enjoy the beautiful Rajasthani culture, so we had planned traditional Rajasthani folk dancers for the event, including Rajasthani delicacies in the menu, giveaways, etc.”

She goes on to describe the themes and the after events, “The mehendi was planned in a beautiful, sun-lit courtyard and the theme was pastel. It was a very intimate and colourful event. The same night we had our ring ceremony and sangeet. While usually, I am the one who loves to dance and is a trained dancer, the tables turned during the wedding - Ujjval was the one who learnt the steps and taught me.” 

The following events were the Haldi and Chooda Ceremony with a blue pottery theme with dhol troops adding on to the “masti-vibe”.

The wedding mandap was extensively personalised to meet the traditions and the beauty of nature. On this, Riddhi shares,

“For the wedding, we went with a very different mandap than we had seen earlier in any wedding and opted for a natural Mandap which was set up under a tree. The decade-old tree with all its decorations was bent just right. Almost as if passing on its own blessings and wisdom to us on that night.”


Decor & food: NoonMoonHair and Makeup: Maquillage by Safa did my hair & make-up for all events.

Photography: Watch Your Wedding

Invites: Designed by the couple themselves.

Their Outfits:

Mehendi & Sangeet Functions:

Bride: Vasansi, Jaipur (Mehendi) and Christina WT, Shahpur Jat(Sangeet). 

Groom: Manyavar (Mehendi) and Firang Studio, Rajouri Garden(Sangeet and Haldi).

Haldi and Chooda Ceremony:

Bride: Vasansi, Jaipur, paired with white fresh floral jewellery.

Wedding - The Big Day Outfits:

Bride: Banarsi Lehenga

Personalised bits: Nani’s antique maang-tikka was one of her jewellery pieces.

Groom: Firang Studio.

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Insights into the Diggi Palace, Jaipur

Q1. How much does it cost to stay at Hotel Diggi Palace Jaipur?

A single-day stay of up to 2 adults can cost anywhere between 5,000 to 25,000 depending on the type of room, day and the occasion. So, if you’re planning your destination wedding here, accommodation only might range between INR 7 lakhs to INR 10.5 lakhs approximately for a night. 

Q2. What is there to do at Hotel Diggi Palace Jaipur?

If you’re looking for a space to conduct some events.

Jaipur’s Diggi Palace hosts Corporate Events, Lifestyle Exhibitions and Weddings.

Q3. How many rooms are there in Diggi Palace Jaipur?

There are 73 rooms in the Diggi Palace, Jaipur. You get options of Courtyard Suites, Palace Suites, Heritage rooms and Standard rooms. You can check more on their website.

Q4. What is the PIN code of Diggi Palace?

The Hotel Diggi Palace is located in the city’s centre and is at a distance of 9.6 km from the Jaipur International Airport. The PIN code for its area is 302004.

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