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February 21, 2019

Tranquil Retreat Experience with Veda5

As the world is on the fast track, it's essential to take some time off and clear our minds from time to time. With the advent of COVID-19, people are more willing for a vacation to alleviate their stress by spending some quality time with their loved ones and experiencing a pinch of tranquillity. A wedding 

Wellness retreats are quite a trend now, especially with the growing awareness of yoga, meditation and mental peace. 

India, the birthplace of yogic and spiritual activities has promoted mental peace since times infinity. With amazing yogic therapies, treatments and medications, India is one of the favourite choices among well-being seekers as a host of multiple wellness retreats and resorts providing yogic methods and medications to calm one’s mind.

One such place is the Veda5’s chain of wellness retreats.
We share our virtue and what we absorbed from our conversion with The Veda5 managers who have successfully established themselves as a tourist and destination wedding resort chain.

As Donna Karan said: “It’s all about finding the calm in the chaos.” Wellness retreats are a good option to help you ease your wedding jitters. 

Now with the nuptial season on its toes, the wedding bells are ringing. The preparations must be in full swing. This does carry loads of workload and stress involved. Even with the experts by your side, personalisation of the departments can be hectic at times. Amidst all of this, there’s hardly any time for you to take care of yourself. This is where some wellness options can get you hustling again. 

While weddings are the most looked forward to events in a lifetime, they also get tiring. All the dressing up on different occasions can feel tiresome. The backaches, the ankle aches (aagh…high heels and sharp stilettos!) and sleep deprivation will also show up. Hence, putting yourself through a wellness retreat post-wedding in a wedding destination resort is a great idea. Even better would be to plan your wedding at a wellness retreat, and have friends and family also make the best of the relaxation of a spa resort. 

If you’ve already decided on a wellness retreat wedding! Kudos! Destination resorts are a great idea to host weddings, as the stress of the planning gets handled by experts and the family can enjoy the merrymaking.

Otherwise, you can take some days off your busy schedule and plan a serene yet luxurious vacation at a wellness resort.

Being away from the hustle-bustle of the city helps you ease wedding jitters. Wellness staycations get the family together with great memories too, building onto the little bonds one may have shared and will share beyond that point.

“Intimate wedding staycations are a great idea.”, says Dipak H, Resident Retreat Manager, Veda5 Wellness Retreat, Rishikesh: “At the resort, one doesn’t have to fret for anything, because everything is there. A wellness retreat wedding gives the couple the full advantage of the services and experience of the resort wedding planner. Packages may include a relaxation massage, rejuvenating therapies and much more. A personalised itinerary for the family to enhance wellness can be fixed, by consulting a specialist team of doctors at Veda5.” 

The romantic options are fascinating. Relaxation massages and couple’s therapy massages, along with poolside dinner set-ups, are the added perks. In the calm oasis of love and wellness, one can say goodbye to the worry lines on the forehead. 

 “Our team ensures that we give special care and attention to each guest right from receiving them with beautiful welcome gifts and prayer for their wellbeing, till the end of their Veda5 journey, which is full of pleasant surprises. One can plan an excursion to famous tourist spots at Rishikesh and see the Ganga aarti, a powerful and uplifting spiritual ritual. Also, to add more fun to your wedding, you may choose to build yourself an adventurous journey with sports like rafting, bungy jumping, jet skiing, and so on.”

It’s the little moments that build on the magnificent memories of a lifetime at a wedding. A wellness retreat packs it with dollops of TLC as well.

Frequently asked questions for Wedding Destination Resorts

How to find a resort to have a wedding?

When searching for a resort to have a wedding, thorough research is key. 

Start by defining your wedding vision, location, amenities, and budget. Utilise trusted sources available on the internet to explore different resorts and read reviews from couples who have hosted their weddings in those destinations. Contact shortlisted venues to inquire more about availability, packages, and services offered. Finally, visit or take virtual tours to assess suitability and ensure they align with your wedding vision.

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