Sula Vineyard destination wedding

February 21, 2019

Explore the goodness of Vineyard's whimsical weddings.

If you’re looking for a little different destination to tie the knot, love the countryside and have a fondness for local food and drink, how about getting married at a vineyard? From Italy to South Africa, and from Wales to Kent, you may have exclusive use of the venues, and work with caterers to provide local food exotica, besides their wines. A great way to start this exercise is simply to visit suitable vineyards for a  tour and tasting, which will help you decide if the people and the atmosphere suit you. Or, you may take the help of expert wedding curators.

sula vineyards destination weddings

Vineyards for your Wedding

Vineyards provide the right colours, natural light, floral whimsies and stunning barrel-adorned décor. As a wedding venue, it’s like tying the knot at a splendid picturesque locale, especially in those venues that are steeped in history. Instagram Display of Affection (IDA) pictures are aplenty here. 

With mystical and panoramic views, India is emerging as a hot choice for destination weddings. From Sandy or beach weddings to forest or vineyard weddings, couples find every destination they love here. Vineyard venues are quite popular amongst couples for their beauty with the minimalistic decor, and amazing wine and food pairing experience amidst nature. One such vineyard is Sula Vineyards in Pune, India. 

Shahira Khan of Sula Vineyards states: “Bespoke vineyard weddings are becoming a popular choice among to-be-weds, as they offer stunning scenery and countryside charm. Guests can enjoy not just a fun vineyard for the wedding but also sip on some of the finest wines and soak in the intimate, idyllic setting. Sula Vineyards is the place to be as the brand has sustainability in all its aspects, right from hospitality services, and winemaking processes to growing organic produce.”

The broad highlight of Sula Vineyards is a stylised version of contemporary love, a perfect locale for pre-and-post-wedding shoots. Beyond Sula is a sky villa that sparkles the day with the magnificence of unparalleled lake views and utter serenity. A staycation at the property is an experience that’s unique and blissful. 

vineyards wedding


The beautiful vineyard wedding venues evoke romance and bring life to every aspiration. Pre-wedding events and shoots at the vineyard portray a reality that resonates with a beautiful, idyllic world.

If you always had wine in your must-haves and have no issues with some restrictions that may come around in vineyard wedding venues, slay your love in a wine vineyard wedding, a unique experience for you, your family and friends.

Sunil Mahendra at Four Season Wines Ltd says: “In the winery, nature is close to the to-be-couples and that sets a romantic start to their new phase of life. Pre-wedding shoots build lovely memories, and that’s cherished for life.”

He adds: “Generally, wineries are not that crowded and it gives perfect moments of togetherness to the new couple.”

Couples are increasingly opting for photoshoots at Four Seasons Wines Ltd. and other similar venues—to make the memories truly stand out. “The scenic views offered by this location in the suburbs of Pune make every picture come alive with the most exemplary clicks,“ he further adds.

It’s your Turn

Be ready to pout and preen for the camera. 

Research, discover, taste and feel the essence of a “wedding venue vineyard”, a perfect solace for a wonderful wedding holiday with your loved ones. Photographs from your pre-wedding shoots and walk-throughs can easily be used for the save-the-dates, the wedding website and even the official wedding Instagram page.

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