Upcoming makeup trends 2023

September 5, 2023

Eight Makeup Trends This Season

Graphic eyeliner, a subtle hint of glitter, and glossy lips are the upcoming makeup trends for 2022, says makeup artist Krishna Dalal.

 Makeup trends are altering from season to season. Certainly, bridal makeup has taken its turn, as few brides are gravitating towards a natural, simplistic look and some towards bold eye makeup with neutral lip-shades. Influencers and celebrities have changed the direction of the beauty world. A minimally made-up look, and picking up the right glam for the three-day affair is essential.


Makeup artist Krishna Dalal shares eight sensational and upcoming makeup trends for 2022.

  1. Less Is More
upcoming makeup trends

Alt: © Vardan Nayak

The concept of ‘Less is More,’ the minimalist makeup trend, is an all-time favourite of every makeup artist. The minimalist makeup look is well attained on radiantly hydrated and well-moisturised glowing skin. And enhancing the natural features with lightweight formula foundation, concealer, if required, with a hint of blush, clear eyebrow gel, a swipe of mascara, and a tinted lip balm… you are set for the day with a minimalist look and intense glow.

  1. Flush With Blush
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© pinterest

In the comprehensive makeup routine, the Blush is now a viral-staple element in the daily routine. Opt for a blush suitable for your skin tone and type. Powder, cream, or stick blushes--all impart a rosy glow that mirrors a natural flush from a facial massage. It will neatly levitate the right amount of energy as you apply high on the soft apple of your cheeks. When used appropriately, the blush will give you radiating, glistening, and run-a-treadmill flushed skin. This must-have product might not receive the attention it merits because of the rise of contouring, but as temperatures rise, soft style beauty emerges as the current fad. Skipping out on blush is a loss–as blush will provide better coverage to the complexion. 

  1. Kajal: A No-No for Lower Lash Line
makeup trends 2023

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Seemingly, the trending Y2K fashion has returned with full steam, but swiping kajal across the lower lash line has almost bid adieu. In earlier times, applying kajal on the lower lash line seemed to conform with the hype across everyone’s eye--from celebrities to influencers, thick, bold, and deep Kajal was a must. Steer away from the old techniques of applying Kajal, as the new methods produce waves in the beauty world.

  1. Graphic Eyeliner
makeup trends 2023

pinerest deepika eyeliner

With dynamic textures and jubilant colours around the eye, the graphic eyeliner receives the stamp of approval from influencers to celebs. The electric graphic eyeliner has become a sensation across the runway and on the streets. Experiment with hues of neon or pastel. From the trending negative space Catseye look and floating crease eyeliner to the Neon eyeliners and the double-winged, options are many. A playful eyeliner can always punctuate the statement look.

  1.  Drift From Flowers To Ribbons and Pearls
trending hair accessories

Apart from the makeup trends, accessorising and styling your hair is also a primary concern in the overall bridal makeup. Float away from the traditional string of flowers or flowers tucked away on the hair braids as a styling accessory; instead, opt for the organic freshwater pearls accessories or beautifully designed ribbons to enhance the wow factor.

  1. Neutral Over Bright Lips
neutral lipstick

Bright pigmented lips are currently on hiatus. As of 2022, nude shades are taking over the trending train. Picking out a lip product with a neutral lip shade— suitable to your undertones and shade is a must. Selecting a lip shade that is upped one shade to the natural lip colour for a classy, minimalist look.

  1.   Only Subtle Glitter


alt: @emmas__eye 

Pick out a superior quality glitter that provides subtle hints of shimmering glitter across the collarbone, and a bit around the eyelids, the edges or using the traditional method— patting the glitter on the middle of the eyelids with the right colour is just enough to bring the makeup fun a degree higher. A slight dab of glitter, like the starry night sky, on the cheekbones elevates the highest parts of the cheekbones.

  1. No more matte lips. Glossy lips are now a constant
glossy lipstcik

c getty images

The statement makeup product of the 90s is back with the glowing, polished, and lustrous classic shades of lip gloss– with luxurious hydration. Apply liberally to savour the shimmer. Swipe the applicator just on the matte lips or just the satin-pigmented hydration lip product. Seemingly, the lip gloss has switched places with the Matte lipstick.

Updates on Makeup Trends 2023!

Q1. What is the makeup trend for 2023?

This is a buzzing question this year in the fashion industry. 

Here are 7 upcoming makeup trends that are here to stay. Find the best match from these makeup trends this season.

  1. Neon shades and shadows


Credits: @emmas__eye 

Alt: neon rainbow makeup, neon hues

The barbie sensation reigned the internet and the fashion industry for quite some time, bringing the neons and pastels back in fashion.

 You can go for a bold or a fine, delicate look with the neons and pastels as you like.

Credits: @ANTHONYHNGUYENMAKEUP and dua lipa


@emmas__eye and KALEIDOS (@kaleidosmakeup) 

You can melt the pastels with the flower colours for that cute barbie look.

  1. Latte - the Indian Colour and the Smoky Eye connection

The bronze summer look is almost everyone’s favourite across the world this year. All the major fashion shows saw celebrities in Latte and Bronze shades. The bold metallic looks often referred as the futuristic metallics are all over the internet for the glamorous look they present. You can pair this theme with the “more blush” look for a delicate natural look as well.

  1. Mermaid Eyes are so on!


Glitter / Glitter makeup with pastel and other shades that give you the perfect mermaid eye never goes out of style. Try this dazzling eyes makeup for a clean subtle look you always wanted.

  1. Glossy Lips are never out of Fashion

Mattes are in fashion, but glossy lips are always here to stay. With lip setters and a gloss finish on your matte lip shade not only makes your lips glittery but also give the desired plump when used with combinations of lip-liners.

  1. Strategic Lines and the NO-Makeup Makeup look

No-makeup makeup looks are always in fashion. The bronze shades with plumpy and dewy skin. This gives your face a natural glow effect. Celebs are incorporating this makeup trend in their party/ daily makeup routines.- The Natural Look is Everywhere!

Same with the Minimalistic makeup. Some strategic brush strokes and lines here and there can give you the perfect cloudy and blurry skin tone effect, with bronze shades that  go in with your skin tone. This makeup look is often accompanied by Glimmer and Glitter look.

  1. Face Embellishments and eye gems

Gem eye stones or rhinestones are in trend again with the Taylor swift glittery look surfacing again giving you the “Euphoria effect”.

Gem-stones or rhinestones are in trend in bridal makeup and wedding fashion as well.

Not to forget the “Bindi”  in the Indian makeup palette.

  1. Barbiecore


Alt: Instagram barbie look by Margot Robbie ©patidubroff on instagram

Don’t tell  me you haven’t once thought of the trending Barbie makeup. The subtle blush bomb, mostly with shades of pink, was all over the internet for months after “The Barbie Movie” sensation was on ground.

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