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April 29, 2023

If weddings are celebrations of love, wedding photography captures the dazzling smiles and beautiful moments of the Big Day, forever framed to look back fondly. A lot goes behind a perfect shot. The world of wedding photography has evolved, with the pandemic playing a good role in the transformation.

Lakshya Chawla from Shutterdown photography says: “The pandemic shattered many lives and businesses but in the wedding industry, it encouraged the birth of new trends and ideas. Intimate weddings became more relevant. People now focus on living the moment with their close and dear ones. Intimate weddings allow families to capture more real moments of celebration and love rather than just posing for the picture.” These filterless pictures, full of emotions and joy, are fun to shoot for the photographers and the families.

Parminder Pahwa, CEO & Creative Director of Studio Kelly, says that in the initial days of the covid lockdowns, there was confusion and uncertainty amongst clients as to should the wedding be done with 50 or 100 guests, or not at all. The dates were getting canceled and rescheduled, and couples were hesitant to pre-book weddings, but later everything started getting normal gradually. The misfortunes in the industry didn’t last for long. Adds Karan Sidhu from Karan Sidhu Photography: “The covid upheaval brought the size of the wedding to one where only your loved ones and people who matter could attend, there were no obligatory invites, no one at the event to judge what others are wearing or what brand of alcohol is being served.”

Apart from coping with the pandemic, photographers had to adapt to the new trends of live streaming, and virtual weddings. Karan adds: ”Even parents now look for perfect shots.”

Lakshya says friends and families across geographies can join the celebrations through live streaming and video calls. Intimate weddings are an opportunity to get candid photographs. Parminder says some trends like E-invites are here to stay.

Lakshya adds: ”Social media platforms like Instagram also play a role in connecting us through live videos, images, and reels. From DSLR to mirrorless technology, the journey has been exciting and fulfilling. Photographers these days connect and build a bond with the couples to understand their expectations. This way the photographer also improves and explores his skills and limits. Wedding Photography is more emotionally driven, so building bonds can help in getting the perfect shots.

Even in this era of fast trends, the classic style of capturing real moments to create memories is still relevant, says Karan. He adds: “If we have a unique style, we will find people who will relate to us and our work. For instance, if the couple has been childhood sweethearts, who have been dating since school, it would be nice to take them back to their childhood memories and create a photo story around that. But I dont really connect with the trend to hang the lehenga on a tree. I mean, what is it doing on a tree?? Why does it need to be photographed like that? Some may call it detail shots, but I don’t get it. However, if I see someone carrying the bride's lehenga on the wedding day to bring it to her, I would jump and take that shot, because that's reality, love and emotions.”.

Parminder says: “In these days of increasing competition and fast evolution in style, we just stick to updating ourselves using the best types of equipment and the latest technology. Listening to clients, being patient, and understanding the needs of the clients have always been of utmost priority for us.”

To excel and survive in fast-changing times, the photographers suggest maintaining consistency, flexibility, and perseverance. Evolving one’s unique style can help you carve out a distinctive niche.

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