Weddings are all about celebrations. And Wat better way to celebrate then to say CHEERS!
Bar Bundle shares with us three of the best mocktail recipes that are not just healthy but also tasty.
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Wedding Buffet
weddings are memorable because of the food.  Gone are the days when we had typical dishes for a set cuisine.  Now, the efforts of pampering 5000-6000 guests has transformed into making it a tailor-made memorable time. Let's dive into it for amazing ideas.
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We are lovingly embracing every unique trend that the couples are setting for their special day. Some of these trends are completely novel, while others have been picked up through acculturation.
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Flavour-ful spreads
Feasting is central to celebrations. Here’s a pick of some of the time-honoured places that have got the nod of the who’s who, social A-listers, and globe-trotting foodies.
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