Spacation Weddings
The wedding bells are ringing. The preparations must be in full swing. Destination resorts are a great idea to host weddings, as the stress of the planning gets handled by experts and the family can enjoy the merrymaking.
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Together Forever
"I guess if you can’t live without the guy or girl, you marry them, it's simple that way. The best kind of relationships are built on friendship and love."
Witness this serene wedding at Suryavilas, Solan, Himachal Pradesh.
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Whimsical Vineyards
Beyond by Sula is a sky villa that sparkles the day with the magnificence of unparalleled lake views and utter serenity. A staycation at the property is an experience that’s unique and blissful.
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Resort Wedding Style
It was a very private proposal. There weren't many people at the top of the hill, but when I said yes, I thought we were going to go back to his parents house, but he'd actually booked a suite at that really nice hotel in the private island
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Resort Weddings
Modern India stands as one of the most diverse countries in the world. We embrace diversity, and that’s what makes us cool. The old exists with the new, and from glitzy malls to vibrant bazaars, we have it all, to entice the visitor, at any time of the year. In fashion, too, diversity plays a key role.
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Destination weddings journal